About Koshakova

“ A cashmere knit is like a book. It is something to save and go back time after time”
@ Brunello Cucinelli


Koshakova is a family owned knitwear brand since 2007.

The brand founder Irina Koshakova had a passion for the knit since childhood. Work as a designer with a leading Latvian Knitwear factory “ogres trikotaza” gave her experience and will to create her own brand.

The philosophy of the brand is to adapt the best quality materials to the chic and feminine, comfortable clothes. Our brand believes, that style does not depend on momentary trends. The reals fashion is out of time.

Our manufacturing is based in Latvia. We pay an exclusive attention to the materials of our clothes, by choosing only proven European factories. Koshakova suppliers care and pay attention to the environment, by promoting the SustainaWool Integrity Program. Our angora sweater is completely cruelty free.

Koshakova loves every our client and hope you enjoy wearing our clothes.

With love Irina and Karina